World War 1 and the Great Depression

World War 1, the first of many industrialized wars, had many cuases. Imperialism, the alliance system, and militarism all created a political system that allowed the assassination of one person to plunge the world into war. The human and economic impact led to the worldwide Great Depression that would last until the start of World War 2.


Militarism Imperialism Nationalism U-Boats Black Tuesday
Central Powers Allied Powers Trench Warfare Treaty of Versialles Great Depression
New Weapons Total War Propaganda Credit New Deal



Franz Ferdinand Bolsheviks Karl Marx Vladimir Lenin Franklin Roosevelt



  1. Why did governments expand the size of their militaries?
  2. Why was Ferdinand assassinated?
  3. Which of the new inventions of the war was most important? Why?
  4. Many people blamed Germany for starting WW1. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?
  5. Explain how credit led to the start of the Great Depression.
  6. Roosevelt expaned the power of the federal government significantly during the New Deal. Was this a good thing or not? How else could he have helped those suffering?