Between the Wars and World War Two

Following World War One, many European countries tried to set up parameters that countries had to follow so a second world war could be avoided. The problem with those parameters was that they were mostly ignored. Many dictators rose to power, supported by a population that was frustrated with the Great Depression and unfair treatment following World War One. It did not take long for those dictators to pull Europe and the rest of the world into World War Two.


Dawes Plan Treaty of Locarno Kellogg-Briand Pact Great Depression Mein Kampf
Weimar Republic Nazi Kristallnacht Spanish Civil War Rhineland
Rome-Berlin Axis Appeasement Munich Conference Non-Agression Pact Holocaust/Final Solution
Battle of Britain Dunkirk Operation Barbarossa Normandy Luftwaffe



Hitler Stalin Mussolini Churchill FDR
John Maynard Keynes Carl Jung Francisco Franco Neville Chamberlain Truman



  1. Compare how Mussolini and Hitler came to power.
  2. Why did European governments pursue the policy of appeasement?
  3. How was the Great Depression a world-wide depression?
  4. Was Operation Barbarossa Hotelier's greatest mistake? Why or why not?
  5. How did Keynesian economics differ from previous forms of capitalism?
  6. Why did Spain remain neutral throughout the war?
  7. Describe Mein Kampf. What was included in the book?
  8. What were the goals of the Dawes Plan? Did it fail?


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