Russian Revolution and USSR

World War One ended early for the Russians because of their revolution. Russia was the first major country to become Communist, and they had many struggles converting. This period would mark one off the most deadly for the Russian population.


Russification October Manifesto Duma "Cadets"
Bolshevicks Menshevicks Checka Kulak
Petrograd Soviet Provisional Government Red Army First Five-Year Plan
Second Five-Year Plan Collective Farms Constitution of 1936 Purge
Social Revolutionary Party Social Democrats Provisional Government New Economic Policy



Leon Trotsky Lenin Stalin Nicholas II Alexander II



  1. What reforms did Alexander II introduce to Russia? What were the results?
  2. How did the Revolution of 1905 differ from the Revolution of 1917?
  3. Describe what communism under Lenin looked like.
  4. How did it differ from communism under Stalin?
  5. What was the objective of the first Five-Year Plan? How successful was it?
  6. What problems did the Provisional Government face?
  7. How were dissidents dealt with under Stalin? Give specific examples.
  8. How did Stalin acquire satellite nations?
  9. How did he deal with the "nationalist" problem in those nations?
  10. What were the results of the New Economic Policy?


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