Industrial Revolution, Conservatism, and Reaction

The Industrial Revolution, credited with starting in England, marked the time when the production of goods was moved from private homes into company owned factories. This was a slow change because of the large investment of capital that was required, but it eventually changed the way large scale economies were structured. Money, and therefore power, moved from the hands of monarchs and into the hands of a few private individuals. This was not always a smooth and struggle free transfer.


Enclosure Movement Putting-out System Steam Engine Factory Power Loom
The Rocket Crystal Palace Poor Law Working Class Child Labor
Unions Factory Acts English Reform Bills Congress of Vienna Balance of Power
Conservatism Congress System Corn Laws Peterloo Massacre Decembrist Revolt
Capitalism Utopian Socialism Frankfurt Assembly Greek Revolt Romanticism



John Law Richard Arkwright James Watt Lloyd's of London Robert Owen
Luddites Metternich Edmund Burke Tsar Nicholas I Louis Blanc
Mary Shelley Wordsworth Ludwig von Beethoven Guisseppe Mazzini David Ricardo



  1. Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England?
  2. Describe the development of the railroad in England.
  3. How did the British government support industrialization?
  4. What was the significance of the Great Exhibition in the Crystal Palace?
  5. What was the impact of industrialization on peasants, artisans, women, and children?
  6. How did the Industrial Revolution lead to the modern labor movement in England?
  7. Describe European Conservatism in the 1800s. How is it different from modern Conservatism?
  8. What similarities existed in the revolts of the 1820s? Which ones were successful?
  9. Explain how Socialism grew. In which country did it start? What major leaders were spreading its ideals?
  10. Describe the Romantic movement. What was it a reaction to?
  11. What were some of the demographic changes that occurred in Western Europe in the early to min-19th century?
  12. Describe the English Poor law of 1834. Why was is so controversial?


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