schledorn's ap European exam review

The down side with having AP Euro in the first semester of the school year means that in January, we won't see each other anymore. That means that you won't have any more of my riveting lectures or my astounding delta sheets. That also means that we won't have any class time to review. We'll have to share our after school review time with all of the other AP classes you may be taking, which means that AP Euro just won't get the attention that it deserves.

To remedy this problem, I have created this site. The purpose of this site is to help you review for the AP exam. This site will not teach you enough to pass on your own. You must take the responsibility to look up the definitions to the vocab terms. You must learn the people. You must answer the questions on your own time. I'll be happy to review anything you would like and I will also hold after school review sessions where we can discuss this site, but remember - the responsibility is yours and yours alone.

How to use this site

Looking at the top menu, you'll see the different sections of the test as well as the units that we have covered. Click on "DBQ" or "Multiple Choice" will take you to a page that explains each section and gives some tips on passing. Each unit page is divided in to 3 sections - terms, people, and review questions. There are no answers given on the page. You will be responsible for answering them yourself. At the bottom of each unit page is a link to download the terms and questions in either a Microsoft Word (.doc) format or as a PDF. You can open up .doc files in Google Docs if you do not have a copy of Microsoft Office available. Work together to find the answers and don't hesitate you ask me if you have any questions.

First, separate the terms into three different groups - one of terms you know off the top of your head, one of terms you only know a bit of, and one you don't think you've ever heard before. Now make flash cards (physical or digital) and separate them in to those three groups. Review the terms you know off the top of your head twice a week. Review the second group every 3 days, and review the final group every other day. The earlier you start this the better. Passing this exam without knowing the terms is impossible.


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